Download MyAion DPS Meter

Download v0.7.4.9

Npcap needs to be downloaded and installed separately. It's a required component. The DPS meter won't work without Npcap.

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Installation & Configuration

1. Install required software

  • Check Install Npcap in Winpcap API compatibility mode during installation of Npcap. Npcap
  • If you are PingZapper or Battleping (Connection 2) user, download 0.9981 installer (opens in a new tab) and check Support loopback traffic ("Npcap Loopback Adapter" will be created). Npcap

2. Launch DPS Meter before connecting to Game Server:

  • Before logging in Before logging in

  • Or selecting server Or selecting server

3. Configure Network connection in application:

  • Check if you have selected correct adapter in Menu -> Network -> Adapter. If you are have multiple adapters and you are not sure which one you are using, you can check one by one. My Aion Screenshot

  • If You are using VPN, set correct port in Menu -> Network -> Port (for example WFTast uses 3724 as default port, Battleping uses 443 port). My Aion Screenshot

4. Connect to Game Server / log in and check if connection has been established:

  • If you can see a green light in the top right corner, it's ready to work. My Aion Screenshot

  • Otherwise something went wrong, please check Throubleshooting section below.